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The Company

OfficeAnyPlace was established in 1985, so you can rely on over 35 years of experience and quality service.

Many of our clients have been with us since the start. The majority of our employees have been with the company for more than ten years, so you can expect a fantastic continuity of service, and a great relationship with your company.


UK Based


We have always believed that you have better control over what is close.

Clients’ data is on servers based in the UK, at both our data centres in Croydon and Gatwick.

We operate our own cloud solution on our own hardware.

How we work

The buck stops with us. We take full responsibility for your IT. Our relationship will start with a full audit of your systems. Together we will look not only at your hardware, but also at your business processes and suppliers.

Unlimited support. Our default package for all our products and services includes unlimited remote and on-site support. We don’t charge extra for travel or out of hours work(*). This way you know exactly how much IT is going to cost you in the coming budget year

(*) T&Cs apply

The team

Although we are a technology company, we are first and foremost driven by our personal interactions with each other and with our clients. To maintain these strong bonds we have built, we will always remain a small company.

Our approach to staffing is twofold.

On the one hand, we have a core cadre of experienced engineers who have been with us for more than a decade and have an intimate knowledge of our system. They have directly contributed to building our, and often our clients’ IT infrastructure and have unique insights into how best to maintain it at top effectiveness.

On the other hand, we regularly recruit bright young apprentices and pay close attention to their training and professional development. This enables us to perpetuate a culture of client satisfaction which we are proud of.

As a result, you can appreciate knowing all of us on an individual basis and rest confident in the knowledge that an engineer you have learned to know and trust will be taking care of the issue you bring to our attention. Likewise it is quite often that we are able to recognise a caller’s voice after only a few words. While our contractual relationship is supplier/client, our daily interactions are from colleague to colleague, as a truly integrated IT department.

We are a committed equal opportunity employer and our small team is made of a large mix of nationalities, genders, heritages and religions.

We work with carefully chosen strategic partners to provide a full-range of access-control solutions

If you are looking for a more comprehensive re-design of your office, we now provide a full Office Refurbishment service

We only work with industry-standard components and providers, giving you choice and freedom when it comes to support and maintenance

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