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The main pitfalls of access control solutions are proprietary systems which lock the client with a specific provider for support and maintenance, rendering them hostage to price increases and degraded service.

However Access Control is both one of the key components of site security, and a tool which is fast becoming indispensable to help the migration to the next generation of “smart buildings”. Properly implemented and integrated with your infrastructure and your tenants, in can drive both increase security and significant efficiency gains with, for example, the implementation of smart lifts.

Next generation Access Control solution tie-in with CCTV systems, Visitor Access systems and face-recognition technologies to do-away altogether with the need for access pass, giving tenants and visitors a seamless site visit experience while not compromising on security in any way.

We work with carefully chosen strategic partners to provide a full-range of access-control solutions, from simple turn-style solutions to “smart buildings” setups which control all aspects of site security including lift and floor access. In many cases, we can offer integrated access control for your tenants through dual-layer card programming, ensuring tenants can program in-premise access while using building-wide compatible pass cards.

We work in collaboration with your security supplier to implement access control protocols that are compliant with your building’s emergency scenarios in all cases.

We work with carefully chosen strategic partners to provide a full-range of access-control solutions

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