Access Control

It is crucial for companies to have a system that regulates and monitors access to specific areas, resources, and data. Both physical and virtual access control should be used to secure your workplace and safeguard critical data belonging to your business.

Physical access control systems use secure authentication techniques like ID cards or biometric identification to regulate who is permitted to enter locations or buildings and when.

Virtual access control systems use passwords or PIN codes to limit connectivity to computer networks and data.

Access control, whether physical or virtual, offers several benefits:

Enhanced security

Prevent unauthorised access to sensitive areas, such as server rooms or confidential information, reducing the risk of data breaches, theft, or unauthorised resource use.

Detailed audit trail

Access control allows you to track who accessed what and when, aiding investigations, accountability, and regulatory compliance. By monitoring employee access, you can identify suspicious behaviour and quickly respond to security incidents.

We work with carefully chosen partners to provide a full range of access control solutions including “smart building” setups which control all aspects of site security including lift and floor access. Fully integrated access control for your staff or tenants through dual-layer card programming, allowing in-premise access whilst using building-wide compatible pass cards.

Seamless installation and integration with your existing IT infrastructure is our top priority so disruption is kept to a minimum. We also offer ongoing maintenance and support to keep the system up-to-date, reliable, and effective. Additionally, we can manage user permissions, add or remove access privileges as needed, and promptly address any technical issues.

Let us provide peace of mind for your business, knowing that your physical environment, sensitive data, and overall operations are safeguarded from unauthorised access and potential security threats.