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Although we are a technology company, we are first and foremost driven by our personal interactions with each other and with our clients. To maintain these strong bonds we have built, we will always remain a small company.

Our approach to staffing is twofold

Likewise, while we do work with Office365 and other key suppliers, we prefer to operate our own cloud solution, on our own hardware.

In terms of suppliers, we favour working with local companies so that they are easy to reach, understand what we are talking about and can react quickly.

As a result, our clients appreciate knowing all of us on an individual basis and rest confident in the knowledge that an engineer they have learned to know and trust will be taking care of the issue they bring to our attention.

Likewise it is quite often that we are able to recognise the caller’s voice after only a few words. While our contractual relationship is supplier/client, our daily interactions are from colleague to colleague, as a truly integrated IT department.

We are a committed equal opportunity employer and our small team is made up of a large mix of nationalities, genders, heritages and religions.

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