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Traditional PSTN solutions

PSTN is the traditional copper phone line. It is still relevant for smaller setups (such as one or two-person offices) and is still required as carrier for your broadband line. In addition, PSTN has the advantage over other phone solutions of not being dependant on an external power source and is the required technology for specialist uses such as lift-lines and red-care lines, which we are also happy to provide and support.

VoIP solutions

VoIP telephony is the technology of choice for SMEs and Enterprises alike and we offer a state-of-the art VoIP telephony solution. Fully customisable to your needs, it can be scaled to companies of any size. We invoice it on a flat-fee basis which includes mobile, national and most international* calls, making your budgeting and forecasting easy. In addition it scales up and down on a monthly basis and adapts in real-time to your staffing levels.

Other features include: call recording, voicemail (with the option to send voicemails as text or email), IVR (interactive voice response) call routing and intelligent bookings.

Of course, it comes with the same level of support we are committed to providing for all of our products and services: you can make as many changes as you want to your phone system and unlimited support calls or site visits are included as standards.

*Excludes some international and premium calls.

PSTN is still the solution of choice for lift lines, red care, intruder and fire alarms

If you are looking for Broadband, we have super fast options with security built-in

We offer a wide range of VoIP phones for purchase or rental and can deliver configured handsets in as little as 48 hours.

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