How Equipped is Your Company for a Cyberattack?

You can never be too prepared for a cyberattack as you will never truly know how much is enough until you have experienced an attack. With this in mind, it is important to ensure you have appropriate measures in place at all times.

Hackers will attempt to attack your company from all angles in a fight to steal personal information from you and your company. Understanding this and taking into account the number of attacks and amount of loss that companies face every week should give you more urgency to implement high-quality cybersecurity measures.

In the past year, 39% of UK businesses have reported cyberattacks or security breaches – this equates to 2.39 million attacks. It’s therefore no surprise that cybercrime costs the UK up to £4.6 billion annually. And yet, according to the UK government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey in 2021, only 23% of UK businesses have a formal written policy on cybersecurity. This kind of apathy to cybersecurity is what leaves many businesses susceptible to attacks. With all the technology companies use today, having a secure cybersecurity system should be as second nature as having secure locks and security systems in your building and properties. The question is not whether you should have a cybersecurity system, but rather how you equip your company for a possible cyberattack.

The first step is understanding what type of threats you are vulnerable to and how you would fare if attacked. The second is knowing all the rules and regulations for compliance. These are often set out by the Data Protection Act 2018, GDPR, the ICO and other regulatory bodies such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FDA). The third is identifying what products will help you remain compliant and give you the coverage that you need. 

This may sound fairly simple however you will soon learn that there is a whole range of threats, regulatory bodies and products and it can become overwhelming fairly quickly. This is why we recommend that you collaborate with an established and trustworthy cybersecurity company to ensure the safety of your company’s network and data.

Working with a cybersecurity company will mean that you have access to the knowledge and expertise of their team members, an invaluable resource when it comes to combatting various cyberattacks. Having a product installed to protect your business does not equate to having an expert who will specifically protect you and your company. They will monitor, report and anticipate different risks, keeping you protected and free from risk without needing to constantly refer to handbooks for help. Cyber security experts also have the experience of knowing what to look for when it comes to zero-day attacks and other unseen threats that might arise.

The plethora of cyber security businesses in operation today and their areas of expertise highlight that attacks can come from your cloud, servers, firewalls, SDS systems, personal devices and more. At OfficeAnyplace, we recommend adopting a Zero-Trust security approach – if you liken cybersecurity to a house, many traditional cybersecurity methods can be likened to locking the doors and windows. Zero-Trust goes one step further and ensures there’s a lock on every drawer, utensil, cupboard and beyond.

Whether your company is well-equipped for a cyberattack or not ultimately comes down to how much consideration you have put into ensuring you have a strong cybersecurity system in place. As with owning a car, the level of insurance and cover that you have will influence your protection in the case of an accident. The same principle applies to your company: the level of cyber security that you have will determine how equipped your company is for a cyberattack.

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