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Cybersecurity is essential protection in this digital age, and you need to know it’s taken care of so you can focus on other business operation tasks. That’s why we offer a suite of options to suit you and your business needs.



A fool-proof IT stack to stop your staff from being tricked by malicious hackers, that locks down the machine before any damage can be done.



Zero Trust Security software, provided by our partner ThreatLocker


Advanced Email Threat Protection (AETP) for 365 or Google Suite


Automated 24/7 monitoring and remediation




If you feel your organisation is better served by the traditional NOC, SOC and XDR solutions, we offer a Platinum package that does just that.


Includes all of the Gold package plus:

User Training


Penetration Testing


Network Operating Centre (NOC)


Security Operating Centre (SOC)


Extended Detection & Response (XDR)


This ultimate security offer also helps educate both you and your staff about the risks within cyber security, giving you the knowledge to spot suspicious behaviour.


The addition of both NOC and SOC assistance ensures 24/7 emergency protocols are in place to identify any malicious activity. Combined with pen testing, where we actively try to hack your system to ensure there are no weak points, the Platinum package is the best way to protect your business’ intellectual property from unwanted intrusions.

We are so confident in the quality of our service that we offer a full 

90 day satisfaction guarantee

Security & Backups

Information Security

Zero Trust Security is an approach to cybersecurity that works on the basis that we should not have to trust anyone or anything on a network, even if they're already inside. It means that every access attempt is verified and double-checked., regardless of who or what is making it.

With 90% of successful hacking attempts now being made through social engineering - where hackers use tactics such as pretending to be someone trustworthy or creating fake stories to make you believe they are legitimate - Zero Trust Security is the best way to prevent your business falling victim.

Traditional Anti-Virus Software is still extremely effective, but they don't account for the human factor which is the highest risk for cyber security. Zero-Trust Security assumes that no-one is trustworthy until they prove otherwise , making it  harder for hacker to get into your systems and cause damage. Simply put it's like adding extra locks and security checks to ensure only the right people can access your valuable business information and systems.

Security & Backups

Services we provide

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Cyber Security Assessments

Businesses of all sizes should take action to strengthen their defence against such risks as sophisticated cyberattacks grow more common.

Through cyber security assessments, we can review your computer network and find any flaws, dangers, or vulnerabilities that might expose your company to online attacks. They give you ideas on how to effectively protect your company and help you understand the current state of your digital security.

Consider it a health check for your IT systems where we find any weak points or gaps that could be exploited to obtain unauthorised access or steal confidential data.

During the inspection, we scan your IT systems and applications using specialised tools and procedures to look for potential entry points. We examine the security procedures in place on your network and pinpoint any gaps that may be filled to increase security.

The objective is to give you a clear picture of your existing security level and make recommended improvements to protect your company. Additionally, it helps you understand any possible risks, allowing you to take preventative measures to mitigate them. You can stay ahead of developing risks by conducting regular assessments, which also help to guarantee that your company is resilient to cyberattacks.

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Access Control

It is crucial for companies to have a system that regulates and monitors access to specific areas, resources, and data. Both physical and virtual access control should be used to secure your workplace and safeguard critical data belonging to your business.

Physical access control systems use secure authentication techniques like ID cards or biometric identification to regulate who is permitted to enter locations or buildings and when.

Virtual access control systems use passwords or PIN codes to limit connectivity to computer networks and data.

Access control, whether physical or virtual, offers several benefits:

Enhanced security

Prevent unauthorised access to sensitive areas, such as server rooms or confidential information, reducing the risk of data breaches, theft, or unauthorised resource use.

Detailed audit trail

Access control allows you to track who accessed what and when, aiding investigations, accountability, and regulatory compliance. By monitoring employee access, you can identify suspicious behaviour and quickly respond to security incidents.

We work with carefully chosen partners to provide a full range of access control solutions including “smart building” setups which control all aspects of site security including lift and floor access. Fully integrated access control for your staff or tenants through dual-layer card programming, allowing in-premise access whilst using building-wide compatible pass cards.

Seamless installation and integration with your existing IT infrastructure is our top priority so disruption is kept to a minimum. We also offer ongoing maintenance and support to keep the system up-to-date, reliable, and effective. Additionally, we can manage user permissions, add or remove access privileges as needed, and promptly address any technical issues.

Let us provide peace of mind for your business, knowing that your physical environment, sensitive data, and overall operations are safeguarded from unauthorised access and potential security threats.

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Intranets & Portals

A LAN (Local Area Network) is like an internal communication system for your office. It connects all the devices and resources together, allowing them to talk to each other and enables your employees to access the tools and information they need to do their work efficiently.

It also provides security and control as you can set rules and permissions for who can access certain resources or data on the network. It ensures that only authorised users can connect to the network and access specific files or information.

We can work with you to help design, implement and manage your LAN, keeping in mind the user experience for accessing critical systems on the network. By deploying a managed LAN infrastructure, you can effectively separate different user groups. This allows users of varying requirements, security access levels or specific service needs to coexist on the same shared LAN.

We ensure seamless connectivity, security and user access to critical systems. With our expertise, you can optimise your network infrastructure and provide a reliable and efficient experience for your employees, regardless of their specific requirements or roles in your company.

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Disaster Recovery

In the event of server failure, a cyber security breach, or any other disaster that disrupts your systems, it is crucial to swiftly restore your data and resume normal operations.

Imagining the impact on your company in the event of a breach may be difficult, but it’s important not to wait until disaster strikes to find out. Any period of system downtime can have significant financial consequences, and prolonged disruption may even jeopardise the survival of your business.

By securely storing all your data in the cloud and ensuring regular backups, you can minimise the time spent on system restoration. It is a legal requirement to have data backups, and adhering to this practice ensures that no critical business information is lost.

In the event of a disaster, only recent work since the last backup will be lost, reducing disruption for your staff and customers. Your data will be encrypted and readily available for restoration, regardless of the severity of the attack or server damage.

With a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, you can ensure uninterrupted operations for both your staff and customers. We can provide guidance on the best approach for your business and help you avoid significant data loss in the event of a worst-case scenario.

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Whether you need a basic CCTV system for general monitoring or an advanced system that integrates with your access control, we specialise in using standard CCTV technology to provide you with the most suitable options for your business. We understand that scalability and choice of hardware is important, so we always keep that in mind when making recommendations.


Time for an upgrade?

If you’re using analogue CCTV systems, we recommend upgrading to IP-based technology to future-proof your site. Upgrades are easier than you might think and we aim to implement new solutions with minimal hassle.

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Cloud Backup Solutions

Whatever size of business you operate, you need a way to host and back up your software and data. Previously this would have involved costly servers – a significant burden for a small company, given the initial costs of a basic server start at £10,000.

We offer an alternative solution where we create a secure and dedicated virtual server just for your business. This virtual server runs all your usual software and databases and is securely located between firewall protection systems. Regular backups and replication give you extra peace of mind should the worst ever happen.

Our versatile product allows your staff to connect to your organisation’s systems from where in the world, using a variety of platforms such as Windows, Mac, iPad and Android tablets. In today’s world, this flexibility is especially valuable when external factors like transportation issues prevent your staff from reaching their regular workplace.

Alongside providing user-friendly access, with prioritise tight security measures to prevent unauthrorised logins and ensure the safety of your data. Our solution can seamlessly scale up or down to match your business requirements and when you onboard new staff, they can start using the system within a few hours. Likewise, when someone leaves, their access can be immediately terminated.

Our solution offers ease of use, strong security measures and the all-important ability to adapt to your business needs. Save yourself the financial burden and complexities associated with a physical server and make the switch to virtual.

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"We had a virus/ransomware attack. One of our employees had gone to a site they shouldn’t have done. Office Anyplace was onsite the same day. On their advice, we decided to migrate our whole site to Office Anyplace remote desktop, instead of our onsite server and we were on a new system in under 48 hours."

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"We had a few instances where we had to fire a member of staff on the spot. Office Anyplace was able to restrict access to a number of work devices and solutions before the employee had even left the building."

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