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Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust security is an approach to cybersecurity that operates on the basis that no access attempt can be trusted – even if it comes from inside the network itself. It means every access attempt is verified and double-checked, regardless of who or what makes that request.

With 90% of successful hacking attempts now being made through social engineering - where hackers use tactics such as pretending to be someone trustworthy or creating fake stories to make you believe they are legitimate - Zero Trust Security is the best way to prevent your business falling victim.


Zero Trust security assumes that no-one is trustworthy until they prove otherwise, making it harder for hacker to get into your systems and cause damage. Simply put it's like adding extra locks and security checks to ensure only the right people can access your valuable business information and systems.

We have partnered with ThreatLocker to provide a robust security stack including:


Application Control

Network Control

Storage Control

Configuration Manager

Centrally Managed Host Firewall

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David Jones Kent

"We lost our server. It just crashed. Two engineers from Office Anyplace arrived onsite the same day. They spent the weekend rebuilding our server from the backups they had taken, and by Monday morning we were back up and running again."

Peter Powel Holburn

"We had a virus/ransomware attack. One of our employees had gone to a site they shouldn’t have done. Office Anyplace was onsite the same day. On their advice, we decided to migrate our whole site to Office Anyplace remote desktop, instead of our onsite server and we were on a new system in under 48 hours."

Alice Ticle Berkshire

"We had a few instances where we had to fire a member of staff on the spot. Office Anyplace was able to restrict access to a number of work devices and solutions before the employee had even left the building."

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