Pro-active systems monitoring 24/7

On average, 545 hours of staff productivity per year is lost to IT downtime.

We have a “Chinese medicine” approach to hardware maintenance and user support: you should use us to prevent problems from happening in the first place, not to fix what has already gone wrong and is costing you money in lost productivity. This is why, although we have strong disaster recovery protocols in place, we spend most of our time and energy on preventative maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance

The main focus of our work is on making sure your system does not go wrong in the first place: we proactively monitor, 24/7, the entirety of your network and take steps to resolve any issues before they become a concern. Keeping your operating system and your anti-virus up-to-date are the obvious starting points, but a truly helpful IT partner will schedule those operations around your users’ usage of their computers to minimize the disruption to them.

In addition, we constantly keep tabs on dozens of processes indispensable to the smooth running of your office, behind the scenes, and fix them when needed before they impact user productivity. This includes not only making sure the small software which coordinates printing is always working, but also on-going monitoring or specific health points such as hardware health, CPU and Memory usage etc.

Unlimited Support

Our default package for all our products and services includes unlimited remote and on-site support. We don’t charge extra for travel or out of hours work (*). This way you know exactly how much IT is going to cost you in the coming budget year

(*) T&Cs apply

The main focus of our work is on making sure your system does not go wrong in the first place.

If you need a complete Managed IT solution we can take that on for you.

Our offices are manned throughout the week from 8h30am to 5h30pm, with optional emergency support.

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